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A world with fewer walls (Congility 2014)

Kicking off the main part of Congility 2014, Noz Urbina looked at the evolution of content in recent years – the implications of the move from push- or broadcast-based publishing to the constant multi-directional mayhem that is the modern social net: in, out, and around. He also considered the impact this has on people’s expression of themselves, and also how organisations are being impacted: the lined between the personal and professional selves are blurring, with companies trying to take on more human personae. Read more of this post


The content testing ground

At CS Applied last month, Rahel Bailie held a workshop where she explained the work she has been doing on the City of Vancouver’s web site. She outlined a triage approach to content auditing: what to keep, what to discard, and what needed reworking.

The model is beautifully simple. And if done right – with sign-off from the powers – it provides a perfect tool with which to test new content people come up with. Anything that fails the test would not have survived the original triage, so should not make it onto the site.

The four levels of the value proposition

Content Heaven Gatekeeper


What is the goal of your site? What are its goals? This is described in lofty terms; it is board-speak. It may be to sell more product, to service a community or to provide thought leadership. This is the answer to the Why of your site’s existence. It is not interested in implementation or approach; it cares only for concepts. Read more of this post