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Adaptive content modelling for omnichannel UX (Congility 2014 workshop)

This is the second time I have attended Noz Urbina’s adaptive content modelling workshop. And while it is a subject I know very well myself, he still managed to spring some surprises on me – thoughts, concepts that had not previously formed in my mind; background research information of no insignificant value. Read more of this post


Unlock your Content’s Potential (ICC2014)

Joe Pulizzi’s opening keynote at Intelligent Content Conference was dominated by the marketing aspects of content. Looking at the subject from the human perspective of packrat behaviour, Joe compared this to corporate web sites: the accumulation of junk that just keeps on filling space. (And no one cares about.)

Instead of simply creating more stuff, a louder noise, in the hopes of being heard, Joe suggests having a content mission statement against which all content is measured. That which does not meet the identified criteria simply does not get created (and certainly does not get posted). For this to work, the mission statement must be realistic.

A core aspect of the mission statement approach is identifying your audience. As Joe put it, “You cannot boil the ocean.” You must look to excite a specific, defined and limited audience. Read more of this post