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A world with fewer walls (Congility 2014)

Kicking off the main part of Congility 2014, Noz Urbina looked at the evolution of content in recent years – the implications of the move from push- or broadcast-based publishing to the constant multi-directional mayhem that is the modern social net: in, out, and around. He also considered the impact this has on people’s expression of themselves, and also how organisations are being impacted: the lined between the personal and professional selves are blurring, with companies trying to take on more human personae.

As a result of the faster and more complex directional communications, even the roles of various messages are changing. The distinction between marketing and support content is eroding; relevance is being measured by f useful-to-audience, rather than how loud the company is shouting. With the use/value of content being determined by the audience, there is an effect on the source: creation and ownership silos are less meaningful, less relevant.

To boot, the idea that content can be created for consumption in a specific way no longer has meaning. There simply are not the resources to tailor the message to the delivery environment. It needs to stand on its own, providing context without the inferences of presentation.

Lastly, the speed of all this change is dizzying. There is, fundamentally, no way to keep up. By the time you bring your system up to date with the latest paradigms, something newer will be along. So instead, we all need to be innovating; to even stay up with the game, we need to be looking ahead to the thing that comes after the next one, and leapfrog industry standards. This is only to be expected in a world where the new kids on the block – the web guys with their new-fangled technology – are now in the same boat as old media producers: unable to adapt to the evolving paradigms of communication (most specifically, the need for presentation-independent re-use).

The slower you move, the faster you get left behind.

Raw notes

  • There is a lack of understanding, visibility or communication between source and audience
  • On the net, we no longer have sources and audiences. We have only louder and softer voices.
  • Things can’t just mix in one direction. Professional persona expose in personal life; personal touch changes business.
  • Overt selling has given way to problem solving. Sweeping statements have given way to conversation-like messages – per @Robert_Rose
  • Everything is marketing. Everything is user assistance. Will the silos finally crumble?
  • The rest of the world is finally realising… Writing for any single specific channel is not viable.
  • We know “old media” producers have trouble adapting to new media. Now web people have trouble with reuse.
  • Hand someone an asset, you don’t know what is done with it. Serve digitally in small slices, and learn.
  • The standard marketing communications architecture is one monolithic box. It’s a poor model.
  • “Author” it means different things in the marketing and technology content management worlds.
  • How do you keep up with constantly evolving change? You don’t. Learn to predict and leap-frog.
  • Rethink the process completely, to get ready for what is coming. Don’t just make incremental improvements.
  • The slower you move, the faster you get left behind.

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