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Content Strategy is Going Tactical (CS Forum 2013)

With Vapa Media hosting CSForum 2013, it made perfect sense for things to kick off with the founders (and “Mothers of Finnish content strategy”) Ida Hakola & Ilona Hiila.


We need to be viewing content strategy as a business process – a mechanism for delivering business value. Content is not just about words and images. It is about the entire flow/sequence of the story. It is emotional. It is interaction.

Successful implementation of content strategy requires a repeated, cyclical process:

  • Research defines human processes.
  • Processes are piloted, tested.
  • Pilot projects lead to full implementation.
  • Implementations are analysed, and improvements researched.

Raw notes:

  • #contentstrategy is more than just the content. It interacts with a lot of other disciplines, especially business value. (Ida)
  • Everything is content. Every bit of “stuff.” Every interaction. (Ilona)
  • Clients ask: “What is the end result of content strategy?” (What are the deliverables? (Ida)
  • Four principles of successful CS: research; processes & people; pilot projects; implementation
  • Research for Kodin1 (home decorating) discovered that the subject mattered for people at life change moments. (Ilona)
  • Research is great, but you need processes to carry through. Otherwise, failure. (Ilona)
  • Test the new communication model – the voice – before jumping into a technical overhaul. (Ida)
  • Be nimble. Flow. Continue. Content strategy isn’t a one-time thing. Research to implementation, and repeat. (Ida)

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